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The Relationship Between Career Development and Employees’ Job Satisfaction.

Twenty first century businesses are in dire need to meet high demands to change constantly resulting in reforms, upscaling, acquisitions, and other activity to manage the dynamic burdens of internationalization. These constant fluctuations at the top level have raised the need to manage people at work and in particular, the planning and managing of their careers.  Arguably, employees are the most valued resource in modern organizations and providing them with a long-term stable career is a win-win situation for both organizations and their employees. For this reason, it is in the best interest for organizations to help their staff to design and manage their careers. At SKAIK Consulting, organizing career workshops, job placements, advising and job redesign are but a few of career – related programs that we have used to facilitate effective career management. We believe that organizations attain success when people perform and in today’s work environment, the relationship between organizations and people is increasingly becoming symbiotic. It is based on this premise that the concept of career is an examination of this synergetic relationship. This very inter-play between the employee and the organization makes career development unique. It is necessary that organizations place a high value on career advancement because this will allow employees to fulfil their career needs and will benefit organizations by absorbing a large number of their experienced and skilled employees. For this reason, career development is fast becoming a key vibrant procedure where employees take full charge for the assessment of their personality, skills, needs, priorities and values.

Career development is an ongoing activity, involving the modification and grasping of abilities and skills to complete one’s tasks in conjunction with expert development, connected drawing career plans and activities aimed at personal wholeness (Renee and Bradley 2007). To support employees in the management of their career choice, a career development strategy has to be considered. Different factors, which includes employee satisfaction and the value of work life, influence their career development process therefore; career planning becomes an integral part of workplace development process. The connection between a person’s job preference and the factors that influence the employees’ development planning process needs to be unraveled. That is why we at SKAIK Consulting affirms that career development is more than work or a work environment; it is a lifestyle, a deep-rooted procedure of offsetting diverse life jobs with the target and emotional measurements of a profession. It transcends beyond the mere pairing of an individual’s abilities and skills with the requirements of an organization.

It is increasingly important that career development is not only competitive but enhances the job performance of employees so much that the strategic objective of the organization can be attained. Developing the careers of employees enables workers to take up additional managerial duties, thus enhancing the organizations’ growth and sustainability (McDonald & Hite, 2015). For this purpose, career enhancement should be the shared obligation of the employee and that of the organization at large aimed at improving and attaining flexibility in one’s career. At SKAIK Consulting, we understand the challenges employees of organizations are facing about their career. We can extend a helping hand and walk you through our career development programs. Book an appointment with us now via skaikgroup@gmail.com or call +233 540262092 to initiate the process.



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