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Effectively Managing Millennials at the Workplace

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  • Virtual
  • May 15, 2022
  • Sunday, 11:56 AM to 11:56 AM
  • SKAIK Consulting

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Effectively Managing Millennials at the Workplace


Sunday, 11:56 AM to 11:56 AM
May 15, 2022


SKAIK Consulting

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Effectively Managing Millennials at the Workplace


Sunday, 11:56 AM to 11:56 AM
May 15, 2022


Learning Objectives:

  • To make an informed decision on how to effectively get the best from millennials.
  • Executing solutions to the most common obstacles to younger professionals engaging and learning from the people who manage them

During our maiden webinar for 2022, themed “Strategic Workforce planning; an effective means for organizational growth”, many concerns were raised by Business Leaders and Human Resource Professionals on how to effectively work with millennials as they now comprise a significant portion of the workforce, and they walk to their own beat. Millennials have gotten a reputation for being particularly unique and often challenging. In fact, Millennials are more alike than any other generation before them due to rapid advances in technology that enables them to share more experiences together. They are revolutionizing work culture, and managers must acknowledge their work styles and enable them to understand the work culture of their organization. Most often than not, managers often struggle with millennials wanting flexible work schedules and work-life balance, and the fact that they are typically not easily engaged.

Companies can help resolve these issues by clearly outlining the purpose and impact of their job roles in relation to company values. The best way to combat these are through communication and connection. Organizations can offer to help them identify and develop new skills linked to the mission of the company. In addition, giving them autonomy to work rather than micromanaging them, and monitoring from afar. This will keep them stimulated, engaged, and productive.

Our Speakers will reveal specific points of tension commonly arising from clashing value systems among millennials and prescribe proven solutions that resolve conflict and build communication, nurture collaborative teams, and create long-lasting relationships among them and their superiors.

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