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Do you work with start-ups?

Yes, some of our clients are start-ups. If you are an entrepreneur developing or refining your business model, creating financial management and internal control measures, identifying target markets, mapping your business operations, strategizing your company launch or seeking expertise in launching your company, then our firm can bring significant impact and expertise to your start-up.
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Why would my company need a management-consulting firm?

Typically, our clients are experiencing one or more of the following scenarios: Struggling with challenges or obstacles within their business that is holding their company back from achieving growth and higher profitability Challenged by scaling their business or developing and implementing a growth plan that actually delivers intended results The company has outgrown their existing […]
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Who we are?

SKAIK Consulting is a unique and independent consulting firm providing tailored made solutions in human capital, business development and management consulting by seeking a complete understanding of your organizational problem(s) before designing and recommending solutions. We bring to our clients a combination of our specialized skills, management acumen and customer-centric solutions as part of our […]
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What can I expect from the initial consultation?

Every potential new client meets with the team of our company or a consultant within our firm. This initial consultation is not a sales call, we want to provide full transparency to who we are as a company and have an open dialogue with you to determine how we might help your business. We do not try […]
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What does it mean to hire the best fit for your organization?

Recruiting the best fit for a role entails a critical evaluation and assessment of the candidate’s skills, qualification and experience for the open vacancy because talented employees usually turn out as great fit for your company’s culture. Again, your recruitment strategies are critical in attracting these people since retention of your best employees starts with your […]
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