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Management Consulting

Secretarial Services

We give the best Services Our secretarial service team will help you register your Private Limited Company/SoleProprietorship/Foreign Branch in Ghana — including name search and approval, preparation of incorporation documents, registration with Registrar General’s Department (RGD), company stamp, statutory company registers, copyright registration and bank account opening assistance.We will act as the official Company Secretary […]
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Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and Data Collection

We give the best Services NGOs and non-for-profit organisations are our main target especially those implementing result-basedor performance-based financing projects. We will help you at the project inception stage to definemeasurable KPIs and support developing systems to track their progress. ● Allows client to view live interviews based on an agreed dashboard template● Adds GPS […]
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Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

We give the best Services The outburst of COVID-19 has not only distressed the economic and social activities of the Ghanaianeconomy but also the world economy. Out of different economic activities, the micro, small andmedium Enterprises (MSMEs) have been negatively affected significantly. The sustainability andprofitability of MSMEs has become more critical and important. In this […]
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Finance and accounting Services

Finance and accounting services We provide accountancy services and support to organisations operating in Ghana with compilationand review of periodic financial/management reports and dashboards. We provide up to date and realtime accountancy, bookkeeping, payroll administration, filing of accounts at the Registrar General’sDepartment and Ghana Revenue Authority tax returns. Our team members have experience in IFRS,IPSAS, […]
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