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Human Resource Audit

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Human resource audits are a vital means of avoiding legal and regulatory liability that may arise from
your organization’s HR policies and practices. In addition to identifying areas of legal risk, audits are
often designed to provide you with information about the competitiveness of your HR strategies by
looking at the best practices of other employers in your industry. Do you have a clue about the high
staff turnover, reasons for the low staff productivity and morale, etc?
In essence, our HR audit involves identifying issues and finding solutions to problems within your
organisation before they become unmanageable. Our general process of conducting an HR audit
includes the following seven (7) key steps:
● Determine the scope and type of audit.
● Develop the audit questionnaire.
● Collect the data.
● Benchmark the findings.
● Provide feedback about the results.
● Create action plans.
● Foster a climate of continuous improvement.

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