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Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and Data Collection

We give the best Services

NGOs and non-for-profit organisations are our main target especially those implementing result-based
or performance-based financing projects. We will help you at the project inception stage to define
measurable KPIs and support developing systems to track their progress.

● Allows client to view live interviews based on an agreed dashboard template
● Adds GPS coordinates to the data, which assist client to know exact locations
interviews are conducted
Our data collection tool can work both in an online and off-line mode. We have over 200 data
collectors in Ghana, 150 in Sierra Leone and 80 in Liberia.
Modern technology has made SKAIK move from the use of paper and pencil as a data collection
method to Mobile-Computer Assisted Personal Interviews (M-CAPI). How does it work?
● Data is collected via our new platform (licensed third-party), which offers a faster, more
accurate and cheaper way to run interviews or surveys
● Data will be downloaded from a server and statistical analytical tool-SPSS will be used to do
the analysis for the quantitative data in most cases.
● It integrates both mobile phones and tablets as data capture tools, which makes it possible to:
● Reduces the number of human inputs to one single interview – thereby reduce potential
human error significantly
● Eliminates need for data entry – thereby reduces cost and increases speed

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